ZW Logistics – Sustainability

Optimal use of all resources

We always have climate protection in mind. And there’s no other way, since our “parent company” is a pioneer and manufacturer of future-oriented energy and heating systems for the entire house and building technology sector. Thus, the highest possible energy optimisation and savings as well as cost efficiency are right at the top of our corporate philosophy.

But also the users are becoming more and more conscious. Sustainable living is the megatrend of today. Everyone is striving to improve their ecological footprint, to which of course every kilometre driven contributes. And so empty trips not only pollute the environment, but are above all an unnecessary waste of money. So for us this aspect is nothing new, the course has been set. Our transport solutions and environmental protection are the focus of attention and we drive for us in our everyday life. The use of electric cars, hybrid vehicles in our fleet, which are of course powered by self-generated PV electricity, contributes to this.